For our September challenge we have a very special task for you: try to catch the Sun! This month’s challenge is Sunflare.


Your task: Point your camera at the sun and take a photo.

Do you remember back in the days of analog photography when you develop your film just to discover that most of your images have unwanted bursts of light in them? That sure was frustrating. When you have geometric spots all over your photo it can mess up your composition and distract from your main subject. However, if you intentionally try to capture sun flare and play around with it, you can get some pretty creative and fantastic results.

For those of you asking what a sun flare is – in photographs dictionary, sun flare means a special starburst of light that occurs when you point your lens directly towards the sun and capture your image, creating streaks, or shapes of light in your photo.

Sun flares can add beauty and drama to your photos. Depending on your personal preferences and camera settings, sun flare can be very subtle, with just a few twinkles of light in the background. It can also be the main focus of your photography with harsh, almost geometrical flares. Early autumn is the perfect season for soft sun flares as it’s still pretty sunny outdoors but the light isn’t that harsh. Try capturing sun flares through trees, get your subject to block the sun a little, move around and play with your camera settings. We’re eager to see your inspiration bursting like a sun flare!




Take part!

Take a picture with a sun flare in it. Share your sun flare images with us and the community. Use the hashtag #InspiraclesSunflare on Instagram or in our Facebook group at

Use the hashtags #InspiraclesSunflare and #InspiraclesCommunity with every post. This will help us find your picture. The best pictures will be featured on our Instagram page and also here on the blog. The image with the most likes in our Facebook group will also become the group’s cover image for one month. The deadline for #InspiraclesSunflare is September 30th, 2021. We are looking forward to your submissions!


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