Photography is your passion?

Inspiracles = Inspiration + Miracles

The new way to improve your photography skills! By using completely new, playful learning methods, you will train your photographic eye and get a variety of new photo ideas.

Known from:

Photography is an art that uses technology, but it should never be overshadowed by it. (Bernhard Rauscher)

Sets of cards

Playful photography tasks to inspire new ideas.


A never-ending source of new photo inspiration.

Online courses

Inspiration when and where you want with high-quality videos.

Creative techniques that work!

For many years I, Bernhard Rauscher (founder of Inspiracles) was responsible for the creative work in an advertising agency. Always reinventing the wheel. Always developing new photographic ideas. I developed a whole set of tools to help my team come up with new ideas every day. Then it occurred to me that I could make these tools available to (hobby) photographers as well. Bam! The birth of Inspiracles.

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