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Do you love photography as much as we do?

Imagine learning photography just like a kid. Through play! Not struggle! Theory is boring. The motto is learning by doing.

You will learn much faster this way than by reading the best photography book.

Let us introduce our photography inspiration cards!

A colorful card deck full of photo ideas.


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Known from:

The card size is extra-large, twice the size of poker cards. Each card has three sections:


1. Inspiration

Inspiration prompts, which trigger your imagination


2. Tips

Pro tips for photographic implementation


3. Examples

Examples as additional inspiration

More to come…

There will be two more editions at launch, which we will reveal soon!

Be part of our community!

You are not alone! The Inspiracles project has been around for many years in the German-speaking world. So, thanks to popular hashtags, there are already thousands of photos online to inspire you, taken by the German-speaking community.

So far, we have printed a total of 36,000 decks of cards in German. Now, we are ready for the international photo world.

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A camera didn’t make a great picture any more than a typewriter wrote a great novel.

Meet the team

“I love to inspire people.”

Bernhard Rauscher

Founder, Inspiracles, Germany

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.”

Mandy Stanley

Marketing & Support, Inspiracles, South Africa

“I strive for creativity.”

Christopher Kreymborg

Head of content, Inspiracles, New Zealand

“I only care about the food.”


Office dog, Inspiracles, Germany

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