For our October challenge, we’re adding a bit of mystery and exploration for everyone. This month’s challenge is: Urbex (Urban Exploration Photography)


Your task: Explore lost locations and photograph abandoned urban structures.

For our challenge “Urbex” we want you to find, and photograph abandoned places such as old factories, urban ruins, abandoned residences, and infrastructure. The main goal with urbex photography is to document the building’s state of decay. The picture you take should represent the real ambiance of the place. Don’t move objects and try to stage, rather think about how you can frame existing elements into an awesome shot. Dust can also be your ally and add depth and some drama to your images. You can find a lot of mysterious and interesting objects in these places – from old machinery to antique furniture.

Urbex photography has been increasing its popularity over the years especially among younger photographs because it involves excitement or even danger. But we want to emphasize that it’s very important to do your research on local law when visiting abandoned places and to minimize the danger. Your safety comes first.

Hopefully, we’ve inspired you to go outside to find those lost areas. Remember to take care of yourself and the places that you visit – that way, nothing can go wrong.




Join in!

Explore and take pictures of an urban abandoned area. Share your urbex images with us and the community. Use the hashtag #InspiraclesUrbex on Instagram or in our Facebook group at

Use the hashtags #InspiraclesUrbex and #InspiraclesCommunity with every post. This will help us find your picture. The best pictures will be featured on our Instagram page and also here on the blog. The image with the most likes in our Facebook group will also become the cover image of the group for one month. The deadline for #InspiraclesUrbex is on Halloween, October 31st, 2021. We are looking forward to your submissions!


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