For our November challenge you have to take advantage of slow shutter speed and produce artistic and unique-looking images. This month’s challenge is: Long Exposure.


Your task: Get creative with long exposure photography.


For our challenge “LongExposure” we want you to use a long duration of shutter speed to capture stationary aspects of a scene sharply, while blurring or smearing the moving aspects, like moving water, cars, or clouds.

Long exposure is commonly used amongst landscape and architecture photographers. You can also use this technique to capture stunning night photographs with city or car lights, astrophotography, or get inventive with light painting photography.

Creating movement within the frame is one of the best ways to get creative with your photography. Whether it’s water, traffic, clouds, or crowds, long exposure helps to highlight the flow of motion.

Now it’s your turn! Long Exposure Photography is all about experimenting. It can be applied to so many genres of photography and you’re only limited by your imagination!





Join in!

Get creative with long exposure photography. Share your images with us and the community. Use the hashtag #InspiraclesLongExposure on Instagram or in our Facebook group at

Use the hashtags #InspiraclesLongExposure and #InspiraclesCommunity with every post. This will help us find your picture. The best pictures will be featured on our Instagram page and also here on the blog. The image with the most likes in our Facebook group will also become the cover image of the group for one month. The deadline for #InspiraclesLongExposure is November 30th, 2021. We are looking forward to your submissions!


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