We are so used to seeing our reflection all the time but have you ever tried being creative with one common prop that everyone has in their homes. This month’s challenge is: Magic Mirror.


Your task: Use a mirror or reflection glass as a prop in your photo.


There are so many wonderful ways to use mirrors to enhance your photography and it all comes down to your creativity. Use reflective surfaces of a mirror to create an artistic echo of a scene. It can be as simple as finding a beautiful vintage mirror frame, or you can photograph your reflection. If you’re not comfortable photographing yourself try tilting the mirror until you find a perfect position to capture your subject. You can even shoot through multiple mirrors to create a surreal effect. There are lots of exciting outdoor locations that you can enhance with the help of a mirror. You can use it to cover parts of your model’s body, reflect a beautiful location, or even use it to improve your landscape photography skills. Another creative option is to use a small piece of mirror to create abstract portraits. They can be used to create photos that resemble paintings or simply highlight one part of your model’s face, like the eye in our inspiration photo.

Mirror photography will help you appreciate unusual perspectives, try out new photography styles, and add more depth to your photos.

Now it’s your turn! Show us your mirror images don’t forget to use #InspiraclesMagicMirror hashtag so that we can find your photo!





Take part!

Share your Mirror images with us and the community. Post your pictures on Instagram using the hashtags #InspiraclesMagicMirror and #InspiraclesCommunity with every post. This will help us find your picture. We will feature some of the images on our blog and on Instagram. Make sure you’re also following us on Instagram The deadline for #InspiraclesMagicMirror is July 31st, 2022. We are looking forward to your submissions!


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