In July, our challenge has you take soft photos or photograph soft things. Our challenge this time is called: Soft.  

Your task: take a soft photo.

Quite fundamentally, the concept of “soft” can be interpreted in different ways. Obvious are “soft” objects and things. So, for example, anything made of wool, an animal with particularly soft fur, feathers, soft plants, etc. “Soft”, however, can also describe the colors and light of a picture. Soft light is something almost all photographers know and love. So are soft colors. In other words, colors that are not too gaudy, but rather gentle.

Even subjects that are actually “hard” can be rendered soft with appropriate light and colors, which can make the challenge even more interesting. Soft can also be a feeling and a mood that the photo transports. How exactly you implement the topic “soft” is entirely up to you, and we are very excited to see your results!



Take part!

Take a soft picture. Share your soft images with us and the community. Use the hashtags #InspiraclesSoft and #InspiraclesCommunity with every post. This will help us find your picture.

The best pictures will then be featured on our Instagram page and featured here on the blog. The deadline for #InspiraclesSoft is the 31st of July 2021. We are looking forward to your submissions!


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