About Inspiracles

Inspiracles stands for Inspiration + Miracles. We believe that inspiration and experimentation are the best and fastest ways to learn and absorb new things. Inspiracles is designed for all ambitious beginners and photography enthusiasts who want to improve their photography skills, try out new things, and are looking for new ideas and inspiration.

We don’t want to guide your creativity in prescribed ways but encourage you to let it run free and roll with it. Our inspirational cards are meant to provide precisely that little spark that ignites your passion for photography and lets it blaze.

The idea of Inspiracles was born near Munich by Bernhard Rauscher, who used established creative techniques and inspired thousands of people with the very first set of Inspiracles cards. The cards are made for absolutely everyone who is looking for inspiration and small thought-provoking impulses to progress in photography.

The team

Bernhard Rauscher


Bernhard Rauscher Photographer

Bernhard Rauscher has been working as a professional photographer, lecturer, and book author for years. He has been photographing since the 80s, among other things in the field of light painting using the name “Lumenman“.


Christopher Kreymborg


Bernhard Rauscher Photographer

Christopher has worked as a photographer, editor, and software developer for many years and handles editorial content at Inspiracles.




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